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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Archive Post #1 - from Gingerology, originally posted August 18, 2009

...Just a Friendly Reminder...

...that 'Having Wonderful Time' is airing on TCM at 6:00 am eastern, 5:00 am central tomorrow morning (8/19)... sure most of y'all have seen it, but, if not, it is a pretty neat movie, with some nice Ginger scenes...her best line: "...I'm a FIEND!!!!" Just too cool.


  1. Yay! Thanks for the reminder...I can actually record it tomorrow. I've seen it before, but since watching it the first time have developed a wee obsession with Betty Jane Rhodes. :)
  2. - I had to do a bit of Googling to find the connection - she is the 'uncredited singer' in this movie! - honestly, I can't remember ANY singing in it (well, other than the 'Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho' ad nauseum...) I am going to have to watch it just to look for her... she did Melancholy Baby? That was like, the 'Stairway to Heaven' of the 40's, it seems! Again, I am in awe of your knowledge base! And, glad to see you back! ...or en route, or wherever you may be! Hope you had a great time!
  3. Haha, ooh sorry about that. I coulda just told you, I suppose. You're right-- "uncredited singer." So I guess watching it won't really show any new facet to her acting but oh well.

    I liked her a lot in Sweater Girl, but it doesn't seem she's done much else, so I have to take what I can get, haha.

    Good point about Melancholy Baby. :)

    Yep-- all back. Got home yesterday night, thanks!
  4. Cool - actually, I am off work today - not feeling too great (sinus - blah) - but I watched a few of the Red Skelton movies after 'HWT' - and really enjoyed the 'hoofing' of Elenor Powell - she was pretty cool - she reminded me of Kathleen Turner (well, not the dancing part, but they just 'favor' each other, IMHO).
  5. Oh no! Sorry to hear you're not feeling well...feel better soon. :)

    Yes-- Eleanor Powell, Ruby Keeler, and Ann Miller are my other dancing favorites...Eleanor especially. Have you seen Broadway Melody of 1940 (with Fred Astaire)?

    Haha, interesting about Kathleen Turner.
  6. Thanks, Juliette - I am doing fair now...sometimes its not HOW sick you are, but WHEN you are...and Wednesday is never a good time...middle of the work week - blah. But will probably stragle (?) on in to work tomorrow...

    I think I have seen the '1940' movie with her and Fred...was that the one where they did a MINDBLOWING tap routine together? My mom said she was like the 'fastest twister' or 'pirouetter' (yeah, THAT's a word :-] ) in the business!

    As for the near future, I am going to check out 'Change of Heart' - just got it off the 'G' ("Gormogon")... are you on that? Hopefully so... sorry, sometimes I have trouble keeping track of everyone!
  7. Agreed-- Wednesday might possibly be the worst day to get sick ever. Ah well, glad you're feeling (a bit) better! :)

    Yeah-- sounds like "Begin the Beguine," which is considered one of the best film dances of all time. Your mom sounds like a very cool lady, and very well informed. Until Ann Miller, she was also the fastest tapper.

    Ah, I'm not on 'G' yet, but hopefully will be soon-- been looking into it. Enjoy Change of Heart!
  8. ...well, watched 'Change of Heart'...overall, a pretty good movie! Thought Ginger was...well, not very 'nice'...but DID look marvelous! The only thing was, seemed like the movie kinda 'wrapped up' a bit quick... seems like they should have had one more round of 'Madge vs. Catherine'...but then again, Catherine was the 'non-confrontational' type, and probably didn't want to make Ginger TOO bad, so... I guess one 'face-off' was about all that was needed... and Madge was obviously flighty anyway, so I pretty much figured she would land with Mack in the end...all's well that ends well, I reckon.
  9. Aw, see I disagree. I think her best line was "Chick...I've got a backgammon table" - and then that GORGEOUS smile as they hug and the movie fades out.

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